Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guest Blog: Cling-On vs. Klingon

thanks to Nubsnobber for the guest blog! I have another from JJLions that I'll try to post up this weekend. Things are starting to calm down and progress well, and I'm looking forward to being back to blogging in June. Til then, guests, have at em:

Paris Lenon - Why we don’t need him back

In the week that sees the new Star Trek movie released, I felt the was appropriate. Myself-not a “Trekkie”, but still felt the need to pay homage.

And Paris Lenon. I felt the need to pay homage as well. I still see sites and chat rooms with comments venturing to guess-“Why don’t we re-sign Paris?” I have one thing to say to that.

GONE, vanished, disappeared. The Downhill Marinelli regime started from there. Ineptitude marched in and took over the Asylum while aboard a Lionel Choo-Choo train. An announcers booth is where you belong. You are good at that. But please, do not speak of college-football prospects and NEVER mention the word “Lions” in a sentence.

Paris Lenon was not a starting linebacker. He has dedication, he has heart. But Paris is not the guy. Paris is too small. Paris does not “blow people up”, and he certainly doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of NFL running backs. He is like an annoying little brother that doesn’t hurt you, just bothers you by following you all over. Like a dryer sheet that stays connected to your favorite fleece sweatshirt when it’s taken out of the dryer. It isn’t heavy enough to pull it down to the ground. It just “CLINGS-ON”. Static cling. That is Paris Lenon.


Not even strong enough to pull down a quarterback. Hey, that’s Tarvarus Jackson. It’s not like I’m asking for him to devour Big Ben. It almost seems like Paris is a box kite, ready to disappear from site. The proverbial kid that gets dragged thirty yards downfield. Coach said he has heart, he never gives up. But thank God someone realizes the difference in special teams “track-down” talent, and the ability to light someone’s ass up. I think we can at least put a FOOTE in it for now. [We also have a Levee...I mean, Leavy, being built to hold back the rushing tide as well. He seems to be a great prospect, and with a year or two behind Foote rotating in and getting valuable game experience, I have a feeling he will end up as one heck of a break-wall for the Lions D for many years. ~ DF79]


nubs said...

Unfortunately, the pics didn't come through on this. Under Klingon vs. Cling-On was a cute pic of a Star Trek Alien, and more appropriately, Paris Lenon attempting to tackle Tarvarus as he falls to the ground and Tarvarus escapes to scramble a few yards.
Looking forward to seeing JJ's article as well. Hope your feeling better soon, Ol' '79.

Isphet said...

I think it's safe to say that Gunther wants guys who overpursue rather than underpersue. Paris was a friggin road cone out there; too easy to run around. If he got run AT he was fine, but too often we saw him get made to look like a fool in the open field.

Isphet said...

Looks like the Cling-on managed to cling on to a contract with the Patriots.

Interesting enough; they'll have a hard time evaluating the guy. Big numbers for tackles but he looked SO bad while doing it, and when he missed that looked even worse.

Andrew said...

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