Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last CBA - I promise!

As you know, I often refer to NetRat's wonderful cap spreadsheet and numbers when writing about the Lions. As an addendum and clarification, from someone who has forgotten more about the cap and than I will ever know, regarding our discussion on the CBA, I highly suggest you check out this story that he wrote as it appeared on Hondo's blog regarding the changes in the CBA and how it affects the cap in 2009 as well. Great details, great read!

Love the back and forth on my somewhat hastily thrown together logic chain. Can't wait to see how many more angles we can find on it!


Anonymous said...

Here is a good article on Albert Fincher-LB hopeful.


www.freep.com had a cute quote from Coletto today about Kitna moving around a bit in the pocket, something like, "Yeah with Jon moving left or right he doesn't know where the sack is coming from."


CHIEFGER139 said...

enough of this crap!! every time i see it i think its the canadian basketball association!! following the lions by players is tough enough not alone following all this crap!! to me its like global warming-predicting the worlds gonna die and yet others say there full of balony-what do you believe?? stick to the more understandable stuff and if this becomes a reality attack it hard after the 2009 season comes up-then maybe everyone will be on board-im not-and truthfully this crap means diddly to me now!!
your thoughts??
signed the wize chief!!