Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RB or OT? How about DT!

I've got to be at my office at 6am to get some paperwork ready for an early appointemnt, so I'm just going to leave a quick comment or two tonight.

In response to a comment from last post, I've not looked into who the Lions coaches are, although with the seemingly large number of inuries, I would think maybe the conditioning coaches could be looked at. However, when you look at other teams -- while the Lions seem to have a lot of injuries, they actually are right in the middle of the pack injury wise of IR and guys missing games league wide. What has hurt the Lions in the past is that the starter was average or even above average, but the guy behind him had trouble getting signed form the practice squad, and the guy behind him was selling insurance last week. Teams not only need good starters, but also quality, cost-efficient role-payers for depth.

To me, what a lot of people are missing is all of the depth improvements Marinelli has been making, especially this off season. Good depth players that are also great ST players are the backbone of any contender. Look at the rosters of the best teams, and they all have a core group of 5-6 guys who contribute at varying levels, from a bit of playing time to almost none at their relative positions, but who are the heart and soul of the special teams unit. That is something the Lions didn't really have last year. It was a glaring weakness not a lot of people were looking at (outside of firing Kwan). Marinelli made moves this off season to fix that, while at the same time bolstering the secondary and the LB depth.
I'm actually getting a little tired of the RB-or-OT debate. I have the solution:

DEFENSIVE TACKLE - Kentwan Balmer!!

Kid is a hard working beast, slated to go anywhere from 5-8 picks after DET. Take him at 15 if they can't trade!!

They can still use a 3rd and 4th or 5th to target into the second round (2 2nds) to be sure they get the RB/MLB/OT they want. We may say they need a DE -- I use the "Stanton argument" to say they spent a second rounder on it last year -- IAF will start and a high pick will not be used on a DE in 2008.

Also, judging by team needs -- Mendenhall, McFadden, and all 4 of the top OT (Long, Clady, Otah, Williams) may be gone before the Lions pick at 15. I do NOT advocate moving up -- so, assuming those players are gone, who to pick and why?? Who would be left that a team may want to move up for in exchange for maybe their 1st and a 3rd or a low 2nd? All scenarios I am sure they are running past Millen written on the sides of his Lionel's so he'll at least look at the ideas as they steam by...

Have to go sleep now - keep up the great positive dialogue fellas!

PS - LMAO on the S. Rogers cheeseburger comment last blog. Hilarious. Thanks for the comedy.


jreffy said...

If Mendenhall is available at #15 I think the Lions will find a couple teams willing to trade up to take him. What I'm hoping doesn't happen is that the Lions can't control themselves and pull the trigger on him.

Even if they just trade down 3 or 4 more slots, they'll pick up an extra 2nd round draft pick and still be able to pull in a starter in the 1st round.

Anonymous said...

Realistically does it matter what Lion's need(s) gets filled with our picks?

From the reader's viewpoint reading the various blogs there are those who will debate to the death that we gotta pick this collegian with pick 15.

Fill the need .... next pick.

Fill the need .... next pick.

Our Lions aren't going to be fixed by who we pick at 15 and the remaining rounds this year. Coach Marinelli knows this and think that he alluded to it in an earlier interview this week where he's looking at the big picture 5 - 10 years from now (percolating/rather than instant).

We the fans need to get more information on this supposed owner's lockout for either the 2009 or 2010 season. Wouldn't it be just the Lions luck that between now and then they continue to improve to the point of at least going deep in the playoffs -- and then the owners lockout the players wanting to renegotiate the owners/players union agreement, thereby shortening the season or not playing it at all.

Go Lions


Anonymous said...

The 2008 draft is a month away and already has published their top 250 collegiate prospects for 2009.

Go Lions


Anonymous said...

I could get on board with Balmer IF he's a late first round pick, (and the Lions trade down) but I think taking him at 15 is a pretty big reach.

For them to justify taking balmer (at 15 anyways) I think Harvey, Williams, Clady, Otah and Mendenhall would all have to be off the board.

Also, as a side note, if you take a look at the link 5baker showed you'll see there's a lot of talent at DT projected for the 1st next year. I'm not saying that this should be a definitive sign not to take a DT, just that it's something to chew on while considering the options.

I did find a site that gave a pretty specific and detailed outline on Balmer though if anyone's interested. Here's the link to his profile:

It really doesn't look too bad. I'd love to have him on the Lions, (they're going to need a run stopper) just don't think he's worth it at #15 necessarily.

Anonymous said...

oops, the balmer link got cut off so i'll split it into two parts


CHIEFGER139 said...

if all the tackles and mendenhal are gone
you take conners mlb-then you do what ever it takes to draft high enough to get matt forte in the 2nd
thats probably what they will do-may lose one of our 3rd picks to do the job

Anonymous said...

chiefger, almost all the mocks I have seen have Conner going early in the 2nd round, Jets @ pick 37, or later. Don't you think it's a stretch to pick him at 15 When we can probably get Mayo or Lofton with our current 2nd round pick (46). I would love to see us trade down, and hope thats what will happen. If we could get DT Pat Sims(Auburn) or Trevor Laws (Notre Dame) in the 2nd if we trade down in the 1st. Forte should go early to mid 3rd round and should be a very serviceable back .
Awesome blog Detroit Fan 1979, thanks for forum for civil discourse. MSN is for haters.

JJLions20 said...

The top 5 picks are pretty set. Long, Long, Gholston, Dorsey, & McFadden. You can mix the order and somebody might slide but they are in the top 10. If you also figure Matt Ryan goes in the top 14 as the first QB. That 6. Sederick Ellis makes it 7. Then if as suggested the four tadkles and Mendenhall are gone that's 12. I think the Lions would love that situation. Because with three picks to go, the best of the CB's are still available (McKelvin, Rodgers-Cromartie, & Talib), as well three front seven guys they would love to have, Kieth Rivers, Derrick Harvey, and Phillip Merling.

That's why I think all this RB and OT talk is a smoke screen. They would like to see all of them gone before #15, because of who will slide to 15 if the 4 OT's and 2 RB's are selected in the top 14 picks.