Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reddy Freddy

My middle daughter couldn't sleep so I told her she could watch playoff football with daddy. She told me she needed to grab her sock monkey Reddy Freddy because he loves football.  Pretty easy to tell which team he roots for isn't it?  Maybe next season, we'll be able to watch the Lions in a playoff game!


RIP said...


What happened with with you this year. You rarely have any feed back to people who post on your blogs. In fact it appears you rarely read them in a timely fashion like you use to. This past summer I can undrstand with the ping pong health issue between your wife and you. Is there still issues with health still going on?

DetFan1979 said...

Things are pretty settled down now, but its been a hectic two years - with our health, my mother in law passing away. Throw in moving blog locations a couple of times too.

Actually, one thing I disliked about the fanball ROTL site was with the moderation so tight, I had to approve comments, then people could see them instead of it being more of a conversation.

Hopefully, we can get comments on here to pick up again as I get writing more original stuff again.

being a para-pro writer was cool, but I think it effected my writing in a negative way. still trying to shake that a little.

thanks for sticking with!