Thursday, July 8, 2010

WR Battle: Rookie Time!

WR Battle: Rookie Time!

July 8th, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

And we are down to the rookies. After looking at the established NFL players on the Lions’ roster, we are now down to the three rookies: Tim Toone, Contrevious Parks, and Michael Moore. While the Lions only drafted one WR, they brought in two more as UDFA.

16Contrevious ParksWR5-10190RStephen F. Austin

There is really, as you can see from his Detroit Lions bio (empty) almost no information out there on Parks. Pride of Detroit also attempted to do a scouting report, but also came up with very little. He is an unknown to us fans for the most part – although many UDFA are. Best guess is that he is competing for the return role and slot WR. This puts him competing to make the practice squad in my mind, as I see him having pretty much zero shot to make the 53 man roster unless he has an outstanding camp – assuming he makes it that far. There is obviously something Mayhew and his scouts see in the kid, so we will have to just wait and see if that shows up, or it was just another piece of Spaghetti thrown against the wall to see if it sticks.

6Michael MooreWR6-2210RGeorgia

Michael Moore is also in similar situation to Parks as far as the roster is concerned. I didn’t find much info on his return abilities, but he seems a practice squad candidate at best. He was one of Stafford’s targets at Georgia, so that can’t be underestimated as far as familiarity with Stafford. He saw a huge drop in his stat lines once Stafford left, so this is probably his best shot — including preseason, if he can get there, of making an NFL roster. Pride of Detroit did a nice work up on him as well.

83Tim TooneWR5-10185RWeber State

Just like with Zack Follett last season, this is the guy my gut says has a chance to really make a mark. He might start out on the practice squad, but I get the feeling that he will make the final 53 and take that last spot. He was a record setting WR in his two years at Weber State. Also, his two year charity stint shows his overall maturity level and responsible nature, despite his brash, outgoing personality. Toone strikes me as the kind of slightly off the wall guy that it takes to play the almost reckless position of returner at the NFL level. I can see him either beating out Williams et al for the return duties in camp. Barring that, I think he is a solid practice squad candidate at least. Although, should he be on the practice squad I could see another team poaching him IF he shows some potential return skills in the preseason.

IF Toone does make the roster and contribute, that would be two years in a row Mayhew has found value in the 7th. That speaks a lot to how the talent scouting process has changed, and improved, with the Lions.

Wrapping up this series, right now my pre-camp guess is the Lions keep 5 WR: C. Johnson, N. Burleson, B. Johnson, D. Williams, and T. Toone. There is still a lot of IFseason to go though, so that is not locked in stone.

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2 Responses to “WR Battle: Rookie Time!”

  1. By Patrick aka Motownmann on Jul 9, 2010


    I remember reading a while back that although he was from a small school, he has decent hands…but the potential for explosive returns is there. Parks supposedly has the SECOND fastest time in the 40, in the country. Here is a link KLTV in Tx that reported it…

    here are his senior and Career stats at SFA.

    There is also a video showing this and he is a VERY SOLID 190..all muscle. (KLTV link) He may be around because he looks very durable and we have had a lot of problems with our Lions staying healthy. Several reports prior to him attending this camp had him at 4.61 forty.

    WIth Moore, it is his work ethic and familiarity with Stafford that brought him to Detroit. That and he supposedly doesn’t drop the ball and does not have “alligator” arms… But his problem is overall speed and quickness, and the little separation he got in College may not be there in the NFL, even if he is a slot receiver.

    As far as Toone…We are enamored by his stats, personality and hairdo. If he was clean cut, we may not have looked to hard. I do think he can be special, but because of his age, may have already seen the best he has. I think his biggest asset is his brain….that will be what separates him from the rest of these players. His ability to study learn and immediately adjust….just a thought.


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  2. By Patrick aka Motownmann on Jul 9, 2010

    by the way…Parks also played special teams and Defense.

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