Friday, June 11, 2010

Fantasy Predictions

Fantasy Predictions

June 11th, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

First of all, due to the complications of my week, we were unable to co-ordinate a Lions Congregation this week. However, we are starting to get more mail to the Congregation inbox ( so if you don’t see your question addressed right away don’t worry — we are compiling them and answering them as we go along so it will not be forgotten!

With the final OTA open to the press over and one with, there is not likely to be too much on the news front until we head into training camp. This is always a good time to look both backward and forward, without a lot of current news pushing such philosophical points aside. After all, the IFseason is for going “IF” after all — because right now, anything is possible.

First off, for those of you who are newer readers to this Blog I typically Commish two leagues — A 12-team annual redraft league, and a 16 team keeper league. There usually aren’t very many openings, despite the fact that these are dues=paying leagues (albeit minimal). However, if you think you may be interested please send me an email so that I can get you on the new waiting list just in case.

For all current members, I will be emailing you this weekend regarding your participation in the leagues. There is one major update to what I will be doing this season: Since this blog is supported by Fanball, a Fantasy Football information and services provider, I will be doing Lions related Fantasy Football posts this season in addition to my usual pieces. Also, I will be running fairly regular updates on the DetFan1979 leagues and how things are going versus trying to run a separate blog as I have in the past.

To kick things off, I checked out about a half dozen sites with Fantasy related projections in place pre-training camp. This is an average of what they had for key Lions offensive players:

Matt Stafford: 3500 yards, 28 TDs, 20 INTs

Jahvid Best: 1000 yards rushing, 6 rushing TDs, 40 receptions for 290 yards and 2 TD

Calvin Johnson: 87 receptions for 1350 and 12 TDs

Nate Burleson: 59 receptions for 850 yards and 5 TDs

Tony Scheffler: 38 receptions for 450 yards and 3 TDs

Brandon Pettigrew: 33 receptions for 410 yards and 3 TDs

What do you think of these stats? Too high? Too low? If the Lions Offense puts up this kind of performance with 7 wins, would you consider this a successful season? 6 wins? What are your thoughts in regards to this?

Also: How many of you play Fantasy Football — and if so, how are Lions players treated in your leagues?

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7 Responses to “Fantasy Predictions”

  1. By NetRat on Jun 11, 2010

    I’m in.

    Whatever we competed against in the past, I am so IN!!!!

    Count me in.

    Okay, on to the next thing then. I’m quite happy with those estimates. 60% is actually my magic number. 60% of games played, win. 60% completions, good. 60% of the total TDs and INTs are TDs = good. etc.

    Heck, even 60% of the draft picks turn out good = great (and Mayhew is exceeding that, I think).

    Any team that can do 60% over whatever, continuously, is on the upwards spiral (unless it’s a 60% more losses) that I say GOOD

    Anyway, I’m 2 months early to worry about FFL, yet find myself starting to look at FFL info. I am warped. Sorry.

    So, anyway, already have a FFL thread going at my forum and feel free to join whatever openings I have… kind of tired of beating up on DetLionsFan after all, year after year after year… so come one, come all.


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  2. By detfan1979 on Jun 12, 2010

    You know in for what the heck once again. As far as being beaten up on, ClusterFox has the most bragging rights as I’m looking at it – always in the playoffs every season and league champion notched in both leagues!

    To clarify, all current players in the two DF79 leagues have their spot until they let me know otherwise. Also, what kind of intrest is there in a free league this year? I didn’t do one last year due to time constraints, but will consider it if thereis enough intrest.

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  3. By nocoach on Jun 12, 2010

    i would do the free league again

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  4. By Clusterfox on Jun 14, 2010

    Thanks for the Props DF, But I was kinda hoping to fly under the radar. Don’t forget we need to address the issue of Points for return TDS. I’d prefer to give points of some kind, but I’m also ok with the way things are. But I have a couple of guys on the keeper league that it would make a difference as to whether I will keep them.
    I’m in on both, already starting to contemplate strategy.


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  5. By detfan1979 on Jun 14, 2010

    That’s why I’m trying to get an early start so we have time to look at any rules changes this season. I’ll be working more on this in the next week or two.

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  6. By DenverLion on Jun 14, 2010

    If you guys need people for a free league, I’d be interested. I already run one pay to play league and am in two others, so I’d only be interested in a free league.

    BTW, I came up with kicker scoring in my league that I believe is very innovative and encompasses degree of difficulty. Hopefully you like it and try to implement it into your league(s).

    0-39 yards – Made +3, Missed -3
    40-49 yards – Made +4, Missed -2
    50-59 yards – Made +5, Missed -1
    60+ yards – Made +6, Missed 0

    Figured I’d throw this out there since y’all were talking rule changes.

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  7. By jreffy on Jun 16, 2010

    I’m in, as always, for any league (I think I was in 7 last year, lol).

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