Saturday, May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

As you may have noted, there was no Lions Congregation this week due to the Memorial Day weekend. The panel will return next Friday to answer another one of your questions. If you have one, email it to

I’ll be back to writing regular Football posts next week (I promise – this is the slow time of year, but I will be checking in more regularly going forward than twice weekly). This weekend, I hope everyone takes time out from friends, family, picnics, gatherings, and barbecues to remember what this holiday is all about.

This is a time to remember the sacrifices that Millions of men and women have made in our armed forces to keep our country free and safe. Those that made the ultimate sacrifice, and those like my nephew Joe, who is in Afghanistan with the Army Rangers right now. I would shout out to Joe to stay safe, but I know he would tell me that’s impossible — he is distinctlynot safe so that we can be. (Best of luck Joe, and while I know you’re in danger over there all the time, I still hope and pray you make it home safe and sound when your tour of duty is done.) Thousands of our countrymen and women all around the globe serving in our armed forces sacrifice for us every day – keeping our country strong and safe – some of them making the ultimate sacrifice.

Take a minute or two out of your days this weekend, and celebrate our veterans. We visited a nearby cemetery yesterday with the Little Pink Lions to see my grandfather, great grandfather, and other relatives who served in our country’s defense. (As well as many others) While we were there, the girls stopped at the many graves with flags marking service to our country just to say thank you. And if flowers or wreaths were tipped, or flags had fallen, they would carefully fix them. If flowers needed a little drink, they would water them. It was a great way to teach the kids, and enjoy time together.

Thank you everyone for reading, and I look forward to talking Lions Football with you this season as we get to see the Lions continue their trek back to respectability and competitiveness.

To all the members of our armed forces past and present – THANK YOU!!!

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