Monday, February 25, 2008


There can be only one...

One is the lonliest number...

One CB of a spectacularly horrid CB crew that allowed Antwaan Randle El and Kevin Curtis make out to be Jerry Rice in his prime, or a young Randy Moss in different weeks.

One is too many.

How many times did I hear last season that all of the Lions CB's might get a back-up job someplace else. Apparently, Rod Marinelli was thinking the same thing!

I totally applaud this move! They let all of the CB contracts expire becuase they wanted to! Lets be quite frank here -- a unit made up entirely of UDFA could have performed just as well, with a heck of a lot more upside, and a heck of a lot lower cap hit.

Does this mean I think the Lions shouldn't bring back Keith Smith and Travis Fisher, even Fernando Bryant, at the right price?

I think they should. By cutting these guys/not extending their contracts, they can have a look at the FA market. Once their value is set (low, I expect) the Lions can sign them back without overspending -- IF they want to.

First, how many CB's do the Lions need? I'm not talking preseason, I'm talking final roster. Last year, they carried at most 5 - - Robinson (who I look for them to resign), Wilson, Fisher, Bryant, Smith.

They have Wilson under contract, and I look for them to resign either Fisher or Smith, and to get Brian Kelly if he's not too expensive. That leaves them with 3 CBs.

They need to draft at least 2 corners and bring in a metric shit-ton of UDFA.

Q; When do I see (want) them to draft a corner? Assuming they pick up a 2nd only from Denver for Sean Rogers, I currently see the Draft order as:

5.OOFSA (Out of football soon anyways)

The above Scenario would give the Lions 4 Starters, possibly 5, considering KJ's ongoing health concerns. Assuming they sign Kelly, then I would think he would be one starter to begin with, or the Rookies will both start with Kelly mentoring and playing Nickel situations, with Wilson coming in for the Dime. I can also see the Lions starting Wilson and Kelly, and then transitioning to more and more playing time for the rookies while they are brought up to speed in the T2.

What do you think? Let the debates begin!

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